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Rogue Art
(selected exhibitions 1991 to 2004)

Institutionalized (UVic MFA exhibition)
Chicken Babies, Jennifer Rae Forsyth
Really Real Reality TV, Lauren Marsden
Strained Andromeda Strain, Les Leveque
but we try, Caleb Retzlaff
The Bedazzling of Andreas Vesalius, Claire Wood
Mindscapes, Claudia Nicolletti
No Holds Bar, Andre Serin
Turnover, Danielle Hogan

Transformer, Erin Fraser, Daniel Laskarin, Steven Rayner
Navigator, Emi Honda, Chris Gillespie, Scott Evans
Filter, Daniel Laskarin & Konrad Kordoski
Ten Small Quarrels, Karina Kalvaitis
RPM: The Lost Art of LP Covers
Vibe Line,
Felisa Kimball
Full Circle, Bob Preston
Ideal Views from Tomorrow, D. Bradley Muir
The Portraiture Project, Ian Campbell & Jay Downie

Island of the Twin Totems, Bill Blair
Nest, Emi Honda
Kick the Wind, Dan Painchaud
Tangy Smiles & Sour, Sour People, Genevieve Castrée
Möbius Dick, Brian White
SurrealEstate, Robert Randall
Etiquette Syndicate
Ideas for a Featureless Rectangle,
Kennedy Telford

Souvenirs, Bill Blair & Bob Preston
A Brief History of Wax, Colin Birnie
Water Babies & Vegetable Lambs, Karina Kalvaitis
Champions of Entropy, Brandon Vickerd
Enticed, S.E. van Rossum
The Works, UVic MFA Grad Exhibition
Faith + Doubt, Kennedy Telford
Madamoiselle Tristou’s Ups & Downs, Geneviève Castrée
Goodbye to Hollywood, Brandy Leigh
Ekononom, Emi Honda

Something to Adore, Stephanie Aitken
part-whole, Claudia Nicoletti
Orifice or Edifice, Will Gordon
Attention!, Adele Chong
Fanged & Clawed, Curt Waller
Nervous Miracles, Roy Green
Everything I Own Is in this Room, Sonja Ahlers
Farrago, Graham Boardman
The Long Journey Home, Lance Olsen & David Toresdahl
Born Obscure, Colin MacRae & Shawn McDonald

Alameda, Nora Floritto
Equation, Fred Douglas
Wilderness, David Ferguson
In the Forest / On the Road, Chantale Doyle
New Frontiers, Bill Blair
Group Eye, JP Langlois, Garth Johnson, Colin MacRae
Broken Line, Jeroen Witvliet
Transient, Will Gordon
Chance Dances, Eva Wynand
New Work, Ben Phillips
Stinky Cherries, Leonard Kensit & Alisdair MacRae

Art-grafías (Argentina/Canada)
Site F, Keith Langergräber
Lovett & Buffett, Tamsin Clark & Steven Rayner
Light Is Not the Neon Filler, Michael Cassie
Reconsidering the Saint, Fran Benton
Meander, Yumie Kono
Senna Tea, Scott Bowering
Bent Cams & Chain Grease
Invisible Cities,
Anna Taylor
Land of the Silver Birch, Bill Blair
Carol Dudar
Casing Series,
Lauren Schaffer
Distance & Embrace, P. Roch Smith
No Exit, Lance Olsen & David Toresdahl

Nostalgia, Fiesta y Sepulcro, Lorena Orozco Quiyono
solus manet amor,
Pat Bevington
Gathering Stories, Keith Shaw
Submerged, Jen Gillespie & Mark Stanger
Douglas’ Menagerie,
Doug Steedman
Memory Serves, Cathi Charles Wherry
Big Art for Small People
Lori Waters
Unseasonal Proverbs, Maggie Cole & Kathleen Lane
Prize in Every Package, J. McLaughlin
Lost at Sea, Timothy Hoey
Urges, Ted Hiebert

Shorling, Donald Sutherland
Ponderosa, Nora Floritto
Lissa Cook
Wet Cigarette,
Leah Pipe
Oral Currency, John Boehme
Bonwick/Grove, Karna Bonwick & Jaleen Grove
Chainderailleur, Jeff Verkely
Mint, Michelle Forsyth
Fauxhaüs, Ken Banner & Roy Green
Eva Campbell
Nests of Concrete, Fields of Tar,
Lance Olsen
Retrospective, Kaz Jachowicz
New Work, Heather Keenan
Hanging Roots: Six Women from the Americas
Pitt Bull,
Annette Whitteman, Yvette Poorter, Samantha Rees

Compared to Water, Suzanne Bessette
Syncedoche, Rowland Hill & James Graham
Odd Art, Laurence Kenneth Harbour
Icarian Delights,
Ken Banner & Pat Bevington
How and Why Wonder, John Cole
Smile, Robert Wise
Enclosures, Tamsin Clark
Packed, Steven Rayner
Dog Days
Big Crayons,
Heather Keenan

Bumper Crop: Contemporary Art In Victoria (83 artists)
Saigon, Anna Taylor
Not So Swift, Not So Sure, Michael Lewis & Ron Turner

Lisa Baldissera
Jean-Paul Langlois
Michelle Forsyth
Seat Specific
Michael Lewis Sells Out,
Michael Lewis
Oceanic Reunion, Don Sutherland
Veins of Dust, Stephanie Aitken
Noli Me Tangere, Flois Aranas
Browse, Cory Audette
Tripping the Lightweight Fantastic, Ruben Anderson & Chris Giroux
Up Against the Wall, Nikki Lederer
Three Nails and a Hammer, J. McLaughlin

R, Ron Turner
Field Day, Mitchell Wiebe
Entos, Miles Lowry & Vince Klassen
Recent Drawings, Lance Olsen
Comix Art
Gary Flook
The Monkey Show, Roy Green
David Toresdahl
Big Art for Small People
Gary Flook & Margaret Boan
Look Again
Brigitte Potter-Mäl
Lissa Cook

Leroy Jensen
Bodies & Assorted Heads,
Flag & Christian Mercer
Sex Magic: As Above So Below
Sean Nattrass / Peter Andringa
Hermione Dixie